Fair Investment For Everyone

A country which has the largest population in the world is neither China nor the U.S., but an virtual nation called “Internet”. It has been said that about 6 billion people live in the internet. In a world where 6 billion users are connected to each other, even the word “ IT literacy ” will lose its meaning.Currencies distributed across this Internet nation are called “Cryptocurrency”, and we recognize that an entity (like us) needs to keep a close eye on such “ virtual” creations. In addition, we must judge the genuineness of such information with our solid technology. A world future where everyone who invests with tokens can increase their assets fairly, and protect these assets securely , is the future we dream of.


TGE Marketing

Selecion,intoroduction,and advisory of TGE

CTIA selects high-quality projects from a number of ICO projects and presents them to users. It is difficult for ordinary users to decide which ICO is a scam or not. Projects introduced by CTIA are TGEs that have passed through KYC / AML, Due Diligence, classified and risk assessed by the usage of the BCP, so users can safely and securely participate in project investments.

TGE Consulting

Planning,designing and design support to TGE

We will do advisory for clients who plans to hold a TGE. We provide planning, building and support for designing the TGE by professionals familiar with ICOs and regulations to tokens and cryptocurrencies of each country.

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