Frequently Asked Questions

about CTIA

A.CTIA’s TGE can be participated after introduction from our approved advisor.

A.CTIA is the first company in the world to fairly provide TGE projects to investors around the world.

A.Since the official wallet for each project is different, you’ll need to use the official wallet that each project will guide. Also, how to acquire a wallet is different for each project.

A.CTIA is a company that introduces TGEs (Token Generating Event) and is differentiated from ICOs which does not take measures such as compliance and due diligence.

A.By placing our headquarter in an area called Crypto Valley in Switzerland, we are making smoother cooperation and information acquisition within the industry.

A.Since TGE is a financial investment product, there are such risks of exchange fluctuations in investment.

A.Advantages:TGE is an opportunity to earn revenues such as dividends and capital gains on its own like a general stock. And it is also a contact point for participating in the platform using each token.
Disadvantages:Since TGE is a financial investment product, there are such risks of exchange fluctuations in investment.

A.There are various types of projects to introduced as TGE. For details, please see the page of each project.

A.CTIA has a partnership with Switzerland's leading law firm office MME and assessing agency Blockhaus.All projects handled by CTIA are limited to those which passed the checks of these legal affairs and due diligence.

A.At CTIA, we are asking our customers to receive direct support from an adviser of the supplier. If you have any questions, please contact the advisor of the introduction source.

A.Please contact us from

A.Depending on the TGE project, the minimum participation amount is set.

A.CTIA is not related to exchanges. Also, it is not a promise that the projects introduced as TGE at CTIA, will be listed on the exchange.

About the industry

A.It can be obtained through an exchange or by negotiated transactions.

A.You can not store your secret key by yourself using an exchange’s wallet.

A.There are four types of wallets. Which are: hardware wallet, paper wallet, local wallet and web wallet.

A.There are many kinds of coins from those with unique features that Bitcoin doesn’t have, to those that have adjusted only a part of Bitcoins.

A.Cryptocurrency1.0 mainly refers to cryptocurrency which only has Cryptocurrency2.0 refers to a cryptocurrency that combines cryptocurrency technology in addition to the currency function. In Ethereum, a representative, the system "Smart Contract" is a cryptocurrency technology in which every contract is programmed and the contract is automatically executed.

A.What is created from an original blockchain system is the cryptocurrency. A token is created from an existing blockchain system.

A.The value will fluctuate due to the supply-demand balance of the market. ※Some cryptocurrencies have fixed values.

A.The details of the project are often described on the official website, and the progress can be checked in the same way.

A.It depends on the project. There are some that even a mail address is unnecessary, but passports and selfie images are necessary to those that are required.