The World Connected by tokens

Though there has been a great increase in investments in the form of the ICO(initial coin offering) since 2017, it has
not been fully recognized nor understood by consumers. Japan still lags behind other countries in investments
and lacks knowledge of tokens. An indirect cause of this can be seen in the growing population of
elderly in combination with the declining birthrate which has shrunk the market.The day when we are forced to
pay attention to overseas investment markets is already within sight. For that upcoming future, establishing a
global standard for tokens, lowering hurdles to token investments, and
constructing an infrastructure which makes it easier for Japanese to invest in overseas projects – we believe these
steps are our mission and connecting the world through them will brighten everyone’s futures.

Selection as a professional

“Careful selection” is one of the major steps we take to tackle this problem.Many ICO projects have approached
our partner companies,which have already been involved in many ICOs,including Ethereum. We evaluate such
available projects and their technologies based on our high standards.We naturally confirm compliance for such
processes as AML and KYC; we work out details such as token allotment and uses.We only handle projects that
have passed these very detailed checks under the supervision of experts,and accept only ones with extremely high
reliability. We believe that adhering to this policy will contribute to the happiness of people who invest in these selected projects.

Role of CTIA

Investment activities in ICOs are overheating, but consumer protections have not kept pace. For example,
after a project has been released,the original price begins to rise; suddenly, the project stakeholders decide to sell off
their tokens,causing the market price to drop and token holders can only watch the price fall.And there are also few policies to protect the project side. Another example,if all the ICO participants begin selling their tokens at the same time,it will cause the price to fall drastically, and this can lead to a bankruptcy.It is CTIA’s goal to prevent these sad occurrences.We have been able to maintai our extremely high reliability by getting involved from the token specification and carefully examining the project. We will make use of a new way of funding that uses tokens called TGE(Token Generation Event) It is fair and has enough support for anyone to join.Making these happen, that is our role.