All you need is passion and a little playfulness.

All you need is passion
and a little playfulness.

Required occupation



System Engineer

Project Manager


Public Relations


Hiring Company ■CTIA AG Co., Ltd.(Switzerland)
■CTIA JP Co., Ltd.(Japan)
Type of Employment ■Full-time employee  *Hired as part time job during the trial period
■Part time job
Description of buisiness TGE(croudfunding)marketing and counsulting
Required occupation ■Translator...Translating and proof reading project documents etc.
■Interpretor...Interpretation at negotiations, events etc.
■System Engineer (WEB development) ... Creating system using block chain related technology
■Project Manager ... Promotion and negotiation of various projects
■Designer ... Image creation by UX / UI design, video production such as promotion video
■Public Relations ... Create press release, various SNS distribution
Qualification requirements [Translator] Work experience as translator or interpreter for 2 years or more
[Interpretor]Work experience as an interpreter for 2 years or more
[System Engineer]WEB application development experience, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
[Project Manager] Work experience in bank, stock company, financial company etc
[Designer] Work experience as a designer 2 years or more
[Public Relations] Work e E xperience in public information and PR,
a person who can smoothly communicate inside and outside the company
Welcome ■Those who can speak multiple languages(English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.)
■Those who has experience participating in cloud funding such as ICO
Salary ・Bonus [Salary]Will be decided according to our regulations based on consideration of experience and ability
[Pay raise]Once a year (April) * Based on our company regulations
[Bonus]Twice a year (July / December) *Depending on business results
Work Location [Swizzerland] Zollstrasse 58, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland
[Japan] 1-15-7 Sinsaibasiasano Bld.6F, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Working Hours 10:00~19:00(8 hours working)
Holiday Complete five-day workweek system, national holidays, new year holidays, summer vacation
Welfare ■Social insurance *Only regular employees
■Paid vacation